Comparing Portable and Desktop Vaporizers


Vaporizers are necessary for you to vape tobacco, cannabis, e-liquids, and other herbs. But there are two types of vaporizers that you may or may not be aware of: Desktop vaporizers and portable vaporizers. If you are looking to try out vaping or you are looking to make a switch, you can get plenty of comparisons between the two types of vaporizers right here.


If you want all around better taste and aroma, go with or stick with desktop vaporizers. The size of these vaporizers is not just for show, as inside they include bigger heating chambers for a more refined temperature control. It is much simpler for users to control their temperature for the kind of vapes and blends that they desire, too.

When it comes to portable vaporizers from your vape shop in Australia, you will tend to get a more limited taste and smell. These devices come with heat chambers that are smaller in comparison and cannot control temperature to a significant degree. That isn’t to say that there aren’t any good portable vaporizers, but only a desktop vaporizer can promise you the best experience.

Vaping with Friends

There are many desktop vaporizers available in a vape shop in Australia that are specifically for social vaping. These vaporizers offer bigger bowl sizes and provide more fruitful sessions opposed to portable vaporizers. You can have a group vaping session at your home or apartment, and you also can take it to another friend’s home if you’d like; albeit it may be trickier to handle.

For portable vaporizers, these are more personal, and are designed for just one person at a time to enjoy. Sure, you can socialize and have a great time if everybody in your group of friends has their own portable vaporizer, but the experience isn’t the same as sharing a desktop vaporizer among multiple people at a time.


Portable vaporizers come with lithium ion batteries, which you have to recharge again and again. This allows you to take your vaporizer and use it anywhere, with the obvious tradeoff being the limited time that you can use it for until you need to charge the battery back-up.

Desktop vaporizers act just like an appliance in the home; plugging into a wall outlet and can be used as long as you like. Of course, you can try to take it somewhere to vape, but you are restricted to where there is an available wall outlet, but you likely only have your home as a viable option.

Batteries and AC power both have advantages as well as disadvantages over the other, and we don’t really have a clear-cut winner in this category. It should all come down to whether you find time or location as the higher priority.


Portable vaporizers tend to be more convenient than their desktop counterparts. These vaporizers are small and lightweight, and can be activated with just a single button. Nowadays, there are many portable vaporizers that act like smart devices in the sense that they have interfaces that are user-friendly, giving the user a customized and robust experience.

These vaporizers also allow you to vape in discretion when you need to, such as if you feel vaping to be socially unacceptable. Portable vaporizers don’t stand out in public like many desktop versions do, and can easily be stored away in a drawer or pocket when not in use. With its small nature and ability to power up quickly, a portable vaporizer, of course, allows you to enjoy vaping any place, any time.

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