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The IQ2 is made by DaVinci who created the original IQ and MIQRO vaporizers. It features a maximum temperature up to 200° C and a dosage control feature. The device is made with a brushed and anodized aluminum shell which is really comfortable when you grab it. This device is very popular as the brand itself and it is considered one of the best dry herb vaporizers by other reviewers. The reason why a lot of users love this device is that DaVinci eliminates most of the issues from the original IQ with their innovative ideas. So is this device worth getting? Let’s find it out.

What’s in the box:

Davinci iq2 vaporizer box

  • IQ2 Vaporizer w/Battery
  • 10mm Mouthpiece
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Extra Pick Tool
  • Dosage Pod
  • Ceramic Extract Disc
  • 9 Pieces of Organic Cotton
  • 9 Alcohol Wipes


  • Height: 3.61 in / 9.2 cm
  • Width: 1.75 in / 4.5 cm
  • Depth: 0.97 in / 2.5 cm
  • Weight: 5.6 oz / 159 grams
  • One 10 amp, 3000 mAh removable 18650 battery
  • The oven holds 0.5 grams of dry herbs, 0.2 grams of an extract with dosage pod


The warranty for DaVinci IQ2 is 10 years and does not apply for batteries performance degradation, accessories, and human error such as water damage and USB charging port damage.


Davinci iq2 vaporizer all colors

The IQ2 has the same build quality as other DaVinci product. It is made of a brushed and anodized aluminum shell with four different kinds of colors such as Black, Graphite, Amethyst, and Cobalt. The most beautiful looking part of this device is the loading dock which is mirrored with ceramic zirconia and the air dial is made of laser-etched, sandblasted aluminum which from it sounds, a very premium product.


Davinci iq2 for battery

IQ2 features a removable 18650 battery that will last nine full sessions or 72 minutes runtime on 200° C and try to carry 1 extra battery and it’ll last very long. Every IQ2 users I know carry an extra battery just as a back up when they go outside. Charging is very easy with just plugging USB cable. However, it will take six hours charge and it is best to invest in the external charger which is much faster and it took me 20-30 minutes with Efest Slim K2 external charger.

Davinci iq2 airflow

Heat up time on IQ2 will take one minute at 200° C and it will take longer when you use a lower temperature. You can adjust the oven size depending on the size of the loads and it can hold up to 3 grams of ground herbs. The airflow of IQ2 is adjustable with an Air Dial that has five settings and to adjust it, you just have to roll the airflow like rolling camera settings. To adjust the temperature, press the up and down button depending on your preference.

Davinci iq2 feature

With IQ2, you can do concentrate such as THC, Dabs, Wax, oil, CBD, etc. DaVinci provides concentrate accessories to IQ2 such as organic cotton pads and ceramic extract disc that will fit into dosage pod. Then the most innovative idea from DaVinci is dosage control. To use dosage control, you have to load and turn the device on and click the power button twice. Add the amount of THC or CBD that you’ve loaded and the IQ2 will display how much you’ve consumed the load on each hit. You could also do dosage control with your smartphone through an app. However, the app only available for android users and not IOS since apple banned all vaporizer apps.

Vapor Quality:

Davinci iq2 in hand

DaVinci vaporizers are considered by a lot of users as one of the best in terms of vapor quality and performance. I’ve tried so many temperature settings and the flavor is still amazing. The oven works like a charm and the extraction process from the concentrate or herbs is so good that I could taste every small detail of it in one full session. It is so simple to use that my friends who are new to dry herb vaporizer could learn how to use it in just a short period of time.


Davinci iq2 maintance

IQ2 is super easy to clean as DaVinci provides a cleaning kit and maintenance guide both in a small book and in their social media platform. To clean your device, wait several minutes to cool off your device after a session, then empty the chamber and wipe it with tissue or cotton bud.

IQ vs IQ2:

Iq vs iq2

IQ2 solves the majority of the original IQ problem with innovative ideas. The size of the IQ2 is slightly bigger, more cost, and better spec than the original IQ. It doesn’t mean the original IQ is bad, It is still usable. IQ2 improves a lot of features that are really frustrating by users in the IQ such as better curves on the loading dock, easier to clean parts, and better alignment of the mouthpiece holes. All of the new innovative features such as the smartphone app and dosage control only available in IQ2. All of these improvements are the main selling point for the majority of customer who wants easier play with dry herb vaporizer.

Our Verdict:

IQ2 is a very reliable dry herb vaporizer and tt function better than the original IQ and it is a golden product made by DaVinci. The build quality and design are fantastic especially the brushed and anodized aluminum shell that is really satisfying to touch. My favorite part of IQ2 is vapor quality. I would consider the vapor quality of IQ2 is one of the best on every dry herb vaporizer I’ve tested and use. The best I can describe from the flavor is just that I can taste every single detail from the extract and it is just really satisfying and very different from other dry herb vaporizers.

So far I would say this device is a great choice for both starter and dry herb enthusiasts. DaVinci successfully bridging the gap between these two groups by creating a device that is easy to use and also worth an upgrade. If you’re an IQ user and frustrated with its unreliable features, I would say IQ2 is a solution and worth upgrading.

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