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Topside Lite Kit is made with the collaboration of Dovpo and Vapor Chronicles who made Digiflavour RDA. It features a maximum wattage up to 90W and a 10ml squonk bottle that is easy to fill with any flavored e-liquid and clean with just water. The mod is made with lightweight PCTG and polycarbonate shell which is comfortable when you grab it. This device is very popular and is considered the best squonk device by the majority of E-Cig Reddit users. The reason a lot of users love this device is that Dovpo eliminates most of the squonk issues with their innovative ideas combined with variant RDA which is Drop RDA but with a squonk feature. So is this kit worth getting? Let’s find it out.

What’s in the box:

Dovpo topside lite box contents vape culture melbourne vape store

  • Topside Lite Mod 1x
  • Variant RDA 1x
  • Box Mod Battery Cover 1x
  • Micro USB Cable 1x
  • Accessory Bag 1x


Topside Lite Mod

  • Zinc-Alloy & Polycarbonate Construction
  • Single 21700/20700/18650 Battery Mod
  • Squonk Mod or Box Mod Mode
  • Top-Filled Squonk Bottle
  • 90W Maximum Wattage Output
  • Power, Bypass, TC & TCR Modes
  • 0.96” OLED Display

Variant RDA

  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • Four Post, Dual Coil Build Deck
  • 24mm Diameter
  • Side Airflow RDA


Dovpo topside lite squonk bottle section vape culture melbourme vape store

The Topside Lite is tall and wide but not thick enough that it fits into any pocket without feeling bulky thanks to its flat shape design. The look of the device is badass and it feels comfortable in the hand. Then the body is coated with matte colors that prevent fingerprint magnet which keeps the device looking good every time. Now the design of Topside Lite is similar to the Topside 90W but with transparent dark plastic in the squonk section. The plastic in the squonk section is not completely dark that you can still see your batteries and some components inside of the section.

The squonk section is held in place with a magnet at the bottom of the mod and it is removable very easily. The magnet makes the connection between the squonk section and the mod very solid when carrying it.

The squonk bottle can be refilled up to 10ml which is plenty enough to last for a day on full-time use. It is very squishy when pressing it that I never have a problem with the comfortability of the squonk bottle. To fill the squonk bottle, the top cap has to be unscrewed which is easy and it never leaks because it is sealed properly.

This mod fits 21700, 20700, and 18650 battery but with an adapter sleeve. This an advantage than any squonk device in the market where users are given freedom on what battery size they want.

If you don’t want to use the squonk features, no need to worry because Dovpo included box mod single battery cover which makes the device less wide. To switch to a regular mod feature, you have to unscrew the squonk pin that is attached to the mod. The pin is small and can be easily lost if you are not careful. However, if you lost one you still have an extra two pins in the box.

The fire button is large while the adjustment button is small. Both buttons are very clicky and it feels like I’m using a mechanical keyboard where I don’t have to struggle when pressing it. I’ve never encounter accidental firing when it’s in my pocket. Lastly the screen. The screen is small and built with high quality led where I’ve never experienced blurriness.

Variant RDA:

Dovpo varaint rda vape culture melbourne vape store

The Variant RDA has a similar design with Drop RDA made by Vapor Chronicles. The airflow is adjustable at the top part of the RDA where you can do both smooth DL draw or restricted DL Draw. The mouthpiece is primarily designed for direct lung vaping but easily changeable with 810 aftermarket mouthpiece if you want to do mouth to lung vaping. You can install two or one coils inside the RDA and to have to use the squonk feature first, make sure you loosen the valve in the middle part of the RDA.


Dovpo topside lite features vape culture melbourne vape store

The features of the Topside Lite is very simple where even a starter can use it easily. It has Power mode, Bypass mode, Temperature Control mode, and TCR. The power mode can go up from 5 to 90W which is standard for any single battery mod available in the market. The temperature control supports nickel, titanium, and stainless steel coils where it ranged between 200° to 600°F. The screen shows mode, wattage, amperage, voltage, coil resistance, and lastly battery life indicator.

Buttons Feature :

On/Off: Five clicks of the fire button.

Enter the Modes Menu: Hold the fire and left the adjustment button.

Lock/Unlock Fire Button: Click the fire button three times.

Lock Adjustment Buttons: Hold both adjustment buttons together.

Stealth Mode: With the adjustment, buttons locked press the right adjustment button quickly three times.

Result and Performance:

To achieve the best battery life, I use a single Samsung 21700 5000mah battery. This battery lasts for 2-3 days which is plentiful for my casual vaping. Then I use single Vpdam Clapton Twisted coils with non-bleached Japanese cotton. I only use fewer than minimal amounts of cotton to achieve the best absorption from the e-liquid I use. Speaking of e-liquid I’m using Cream Team Neapolitan with 70vg and 30pg.

I use 40W and smooth DL airflow to achieve a long and enjoyable draw by the vapor produced from e-liquid. The flavor produced from the RDA is fantastic since, in my opinion, RDA produced better flavor than RTA, RDTA, and sub-ohm tank. If you don’t agree, fight me.

I’ve never experienced any delay when drawing it and the squonking works like a charm. One squonking is enough for 5-6 draw and make sure you don’t over squonking it since the liquid will leak if you squonk too much liquid inside the RDA.

Our Verdict:

The Topside Lite is a very, very reliable squonk device that I never have an issue with. This is a golden made product made by Dovpo and Vapor Chronicles that features a modular design. The design is fantastic especially the matte color design which I liked very much while having excellent build quality.

Then the RDA is great at producing the flavor and it is better than any RTA, RDTA, and sub-ohm tank that I’ve used. It is very comfortable to use and it fits into my pocket where I could carry it around which means I don’t have to bring my pod device if I want to vape that huge cloud of vapors.

So far I would say this device is a great choice for a vape enthusiast or somebody who wants to do an upgrade on their older device. There are two versions available which are the kit and the non-kit version where it only includes the mod. If you grab the non-kit version, you can attach any aftermarket squonk RDA which is great if you want to invest in a squonk device.

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