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With the rising popularity of recreational smoking, and increasing awareness of healthcare, Portable Vaporizers have naturally become an excellent and sought after alternative to traditional methods of consumption. 

Vape Culture is one of the best online Vape Shops in Australia offering all types of Portable Vaporizers. Our store endorses all of the top brands available.

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PAX 3 Vaporizer



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Pax 2 Vaporizer



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With innovative technology and a variety of quality vaporizers flooding the market, even the most orthodox are swaying into the e-smoking direction. Whether you found us by reputation, or by a google search like “portable vaporizer Australia”, you have landed on the right store for getting great products that are both high on functionality and very easy to carry.

If you’ve been into vaping for some time, you must already be aware of its numerous benefits. If you’ve got a friend, colleague or family that want to quit an addictive habit, the portable vaporizer comes highly recommended. Here are its pros:-

Safer heating – A major plus for portable vaporizers is that they do not burn any plant material. Instead, it heats it to just the right temperature which activates its ingredients, without producing thousands of toxins that otherwise are by burning straight through fire. 

Lesser residue – The portable vaporizer doesn’t leave behind any smoke and ash, and only produces vapour.

Reduces hazard – Vaporizer smoke harms your lungs to a much lesser degree, and reduces the effect of cancerous carcinogens that can cause fatal consequences.

Very efficient – E-smoking through a vaporizer is the most efficient way to make the most of your plant dosage since very little is lost to the air and residue.

Money saver – Many people shy away from getting vaporizers because they seem like an expensive option. But the fact is, you’ll be saving ten times over the amount you invest because its efficient mechanism means you conserve your material a lot, and hence it’s cost.

More discrete The vapour produced dissipates twice as quickly as smoke, and the smell is only half as strong. Also, since it is much lighter and less dense than smoke, the vapour is also less visible.

Much smootherPortable vaporizers are an excellent for first-time users and people with a sensitive throat as it is much easier to inhale than smoking a cigarette or through a glass water pipe.

Very ConvenientAnother major plus of vaporizers is the minimal effort or skill required. Simply take a bud and drop it in the vaporizer. No crushing, grinding or rolling required.

When it comes to portable vaporizers, VapeCulture is true to its name. We have a whole kingdom of high quality products for you to choose from.