Your Vape Mail

How long it does it take to ship my order? 

99% of the time, orders will be processed before 12 PM (Melbourne time) and gets shipped out on the same business day. To ensure faster delivery time, we encourage you to make the order during the weekends so we could process all orders on Mondays. The cut off time will be 4.30 PM and any orders made after that time will be shipped on the following business day.

How long does it take to receive my parcel from Vape Culture, Melbourne?

Within Australia, based on our observation and statistics, it would typically take roughly 1-7 days depending on where you live and which postal service you use.  We cannot give you any guarantee or accuracy of your ETA as each postal service have their own network and schedules.

Where is my tracking number? 

Once we have completed procesing your orders, every online customer will receive an email which contains the tracking number depending on which service you are using (Auspost etc).


Can I supply nicotine in Australia? 

No. Nicotine is a Schedule 7 Poison and cannot legally be sold in Australia. However, as a consumer, you are still legally allowed to purchase a personal supply of nicotine from overseas companies. Therefore, we cannot assist you in any way.

What is PG/VG? 

VG and Pf are food-safe or consumable liquids that make up the bulk of an e-liquid or vape juice. VG stands for ‘Vegetable glycerine’ whereas PG stands for ‘Propylene Glycol’. VG and PG are mixed based on a ratio (50/50, 60/40, 70/30, 80/20).

These 2 liquids are opposites to each other, the VG is thick whilst the PG is thin. Making the mixing process more permeable therefore the ratio is important. However, you don’t have to worry to much about the mixing process as e-liquid companies have already got you covered.

What do these ratios mean, you ask? Simple answer to you question is this. If you see 50VG/50PG or 60VG/40PG and etc, on the label of your e-liquid. It refers to amount of vapour production or the flavouring.

  • Higher VG = More vapour production
  • Higher PG = More flavouring

How to use an e-liquid with 50VG/50PG or 60VG/40PG or 70VG/30PG in my vapes?

Technically, regardless of the VG/PG ratio, you can use it on any tank or pod cartridge. Though we recommend that you use 50/50 on a pod system (or with low wattage) as it gives better flavouring. Any ratio above that you can use it on sub-ohm devices (or 40W-70W) as it is high in flavouring and vapor production.

Will the smell stay in my room?

No. The scent of e-liquid is not overwhelming enough to fill the room with your flavour. It usually fades after 30 minutes or so when you stop using it.

How long can I keep my e-liquids? 

Usually, based on when it is manufactured, it is completely fine to store them somewhere dark and not exposed to the sun and they also have roughly about 1.5 years of shelf life.

How do I know if my e-liquid is expired? 

You can tell based on how watery the e-liquid looks and the color. If the liquid looks very watery and the color of the liquid has turned to dark orange. Thats a quick sign to tell that the e-liquid is no longer usable. However, in terms of color, it also depends on the amount of nicotine mixed into the e-liquid as some e-liquids with high milligram of nicotine tend to hold a somewhat orange color to it. At the bottom of the bottle, you will find the date of its manufacture or the expiration date as well to help you out.


What are Ohms/resistance in coils? 

Ohms/resistance represents the heat up time of electricity passing through your coils which builts heat and slowly vaporising the eliquid absorbed by the cotton touching the coils. You will see a lot of values like 1.2Ohm, 1.0Ohm, 0.6Ohm or 0.8Ohm. These values are just information for you to know if one will heat up faster than the other. So think of it this way, the higher the value, the longer it takes to heat up. Additionally, high ohms/resistance typically have an effect on the flavouring and vapor production as well.

What kind of batteries should I use? 

most common mistake people always assume is that they could use common batteries like Triple A or Double A batteries. DO NOT USE ANY BATTERY. The batteries you are supposed to use are the standard 18650 Batteries designed and fitted into your devices. There are devices which allows you to fit different battery sizes other than the standard 18650 battery. You could find a device which allows you to fit a smaller battery like the 18350 battery or a bigger battery like the 20700 or 21700 battery.

Can I charge my batteries in my device?

Yes. You can charge through the device itself if you’d like. However, for your safety and efficient charging process, we highly recommend getting an external battery charger to charge your batteries as the charging process is more optimised and prevents damage upon the device’s chipset.

Why does it say ”Atomizer Short/Short atomizer” or doesn’t work?

There are several reasons why your atomizer (tank/pod cartridge) doesn’t work but one of the common ones is that you’ll see an error message on the screen that says “atomizer short”. This typically means that the coils you are using in your tank has a lower resistance than the device and batteries can withstand or push current through. An easy fix would be to use a different coil with a higher resistance. On the other hand, if your vape isn’t working, its usually due to connection issue between the atomizer and the device or it could be that your coils are the wrong type or not compatible at all.

Why does my tank leak a lot?

A coils design is to ensure that your cotton on the inside is being dried up and simultaneously absorbing the e-liquid in order to produce a smooth and sustainable vaping experience. Common causes could be:

  1. You are not using the suitable wattage setting according to the coil, meaning if the coil is designed to run between 30-40W, you should stay in that wattage range otherwise it’ll most definitely leak. or;
  2. You are using an e-liquid that is a 50VG/50PG ratio. Since the e-liquid is balanced, the liquid is thin enough to seep through the cotton which is in contact with all the time. Dripping at the bottom where its exposed to the airflow and leaking out through that gap. or;
  3. The rubber seal in your tank has come off or broken, unable to hold the liquid in the tank. You can find these spare parts for your tank in case situations like this happens again.

How long does my coil last and how do I know if it’s worn out? 

Generally, you’ll be able to use your coils up to 2 weeks however if you are lucky enough, you’d be able to stretch it out to nearly 4 weeks depending on your e-liquid and the wattage affecting the resistance of the coils. How to tell if its worn out is really by taste. If it tastes like something is burning or that you feel that something is scratching the back of your throat or that you are coughing, are clear signs of worn out/burnt out coils.

What’s the difference between Mouth-to-lung (MTL) and Direct-to-lung (DTL)?

These two are types of inhale style. Mouth-to-lung means that you are first drawing the vapour and storing it in your mind then breathing it into your lungs whereas Direct-to-lung means that you are inhaling aggressively whilst taking it into your lungs directly.