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Looking for something built, reliable and durable while you’re on the go? Then luckily for you, the Geekvape Aegis Legend Kit is here for you with a bonus mesh tank to spice up your vaping experience, making it the ideal kit and tank to have in your everyday lifestyle. The Legend is designed with a dual 18650 battery (not included) slot feature and uses the same AS-Chipset as the Aegis Solo and this baby allows the wattage to go up to a maximum of 200W so do expect some impact from your tank. Overall, the Geekvape Aegis Legend is very well-made because it’s shock-proof, water-proof, or whatever proof you can think of, this bad boy can withstand it. Take some time and read this review to find out the pros and cons as well as why you should really consider getting it and I can guarantee you will not be disappointed.

The Design

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The Legend has a wide but think design as it carries dual 18650 batteries and it still retains the Aegis signature leather and trim design for comfort when you carry it in your hands, whilst the OLED screen display is position at the front of the device parallel to the fire button at the top and adjustment buttons at the bottom. As mentioned before, its durability is phenomenal, when you carry it in your hand, you could slightly feel that there’s a bit of cushion action and maybe thats how it stays impact proof, I even took the risk and dipped the device in a cup for about 10 seconds and the results were as expected, completely water-proof. I also want to point out, the battery cap is threaded with an o-ring and the reason for that is to ensure that no water breaks through into the batteries but the cap might stick out a bit and that’s completely normal so please don’t remove the o-ring. The design itself already looks sturdy but with the batteries inserted, it does put a little bit of weight in it, not too heavy till it tires your arms but it certainly feels nice.


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The Legend has a bunch of different settings which you could use such as the Wattage mode, TC for SS, Ti and Ni200, TCR and VPC and Bypass mode. Bonus feature is the screen colour customisation where you could choose 3 different colors to your liking, although I personally think its best to have more options but better than nothing I suppose.

The Tank


The Aegis Legend kit is equipped with a Aero Mesh Tank but you could also get it without the tank and use your personal tank whether it’s an RDA or RTA. The Aero Mesh tank, as the name suggests, uses mesh coils to boost flavouring as well as being one of the most consistent coils to use in a sub-ohm tank. Geekvape knew that mesh was favoured more thus the Aero Mesh Tank or the Cerberus Tank is the most popular geekvape sub-ohm tanks to try out. The Aero Mesh and Cerberus Tank uses the same coils so really it comes down to appearance and preference.

Performance and Battery

Battery life on the Geekvape Aegis Legend really depends on the user, even though I was using samsung 2500mAh batteries, I was able to use the device with 50W for like 5 hours but thats because of the batteries but I did notice that using the Efest 3500mAh batteries seem to drain faster (3.5hours) compared to lower max batteries. It could be poor accuracy on the display for battery life or maybe the coil was running at a resistance of 0.2Ohm. Either way, I’m good with that cuz if it runs out of battery, I could always swap new batteries in to cover the rest of the night.

Final Thoughts

Overall the Geekvape Aegis Legend is a pretty sturdy device to have with minimal controls to handle in which in my opinion is a good idea, Ive always been a big fan of using the VPC mode with the Geekvape as it gives me that nice and gradual heat up on the coils and sometimes does help me out by saving my batteries a little bit. I personally like to use an RTA over a Sub Ohm Tank as I prefer to build my own coils whilst using the VPC mode. However, the downsides for the legend are the fact that the charging port is position at the top of the mod next to the atomiser, now leaking is a major problem and if/when some grease were to enter that space, instant damage to the charging port and your cable. Second, Geekvape has made the battery door very difficult to open and close but Im assuming they made it to ensure that no water breaks into the battery chamber. Third, the battery level display on the screen makes me feel like its not accurate at all, when it tells me that I have 40% left on both batteries but I’m only using it at 40-50W and usually with other device I was able to use them for nearly 6 hours. Despite these cons of the Aegis Legend, Im still fairly satisfied in terms of the performance and flavouring with the settings, Im not really fuss on the battery door or battery life because I’ve got 4 batteries and a charger to help me out with that so really the device is actually good.

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