Herb-E Vaporizer Review

Herb e review

Herb-E is a dry herb vaporizer designed by Mig Vapor. This device is made to be portable with great price to performance ratio. It packed with useful features such as dual temperature modes, chamber that can hold half a gram of herbs, and a 1200mAh battery that is large enough for a small device. Inside the box, you will get everything you need for maintenance and accessories. Herb-E works by “fill n click”. What it means you just need to fill the chamber with herbs, close it up, choose the temperature mode, and fire the button. This is the most simple device I’ve ever use and it will go for a full session. So is this dry herb vaporizer worth getting? Let’s find out.

What’s In the box:

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  • 1 Herb-E Vaporizer
  • Tweezers (Remove the inside piece)
  • 2 Pipe cleaners
  • 1 Cleaning brush
  • 1 Alcohol Wipe (External cleaning)
  • Manual and Warranty
  • 90 Day Manufacturing Warranty
  • 1 Micro USB charging cable
  • 1 Silicon mouthpiece cover


Brand : Mig Vapor
Battery Capacity: 1200mAh
Chamber Size: Half A Gram
Height: 108mm
Width: 24mm
Depth: 14mm
Weight: 114g
Charging: MicroUSB 0.5A


The warranty for Mig Vapor Herb-E is 90 days and does not apply for batteries performance degradation, accessories, and human error such as water damage and USB charging port damage. So be careful.


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The compact and lightweight Herb-E Vaporizer’s USB-stick design, comes in a wrapped carbon fibre metal casing. With simplicity in mind, quite part has been used. For example, carbon fibre insulates the heat inside the chamber. This makes the chamber tad more functional and more effective. The vaporizer is also much more comfortable to hold on to while using it. The magnetic mouthpiece makes it easy for users to remove if needed. For optimum user experience, MigVapor recommends filling the chamber with up to 75% capacity. The emoji-like face indicator light on the body of the vaporizer provides plenty of style and wow-factor for the unit. The product comes with 1,200 mAh battery on the front of the battery that you can easily charge with micro-USB.


The Herb-E Vaporizer is pretty straight forward for all users. By clicking the power button five times, the device switches on and off. It also comes in two temperature control modes, easily changeable by pressing down the power button for five seconds. The device is ready to be used when the light turns solid yellow or red after 15-30 seconds. No extra settings are needed, just draw. Mig Vapor recommends vaping the device for 2 minutes and then allowing it to cool to maintain the quality of the product. The device also automatically shuts down after 2 minutes. Keep in mind, the Herb-E Vaporizer can only be used with dry herbs.

Temperature Modes:


  • “Happy Mode” (339F/204C) is when the device displays a yellow glow. Not much visible vapour is made, which is a good thing for those who want to be stealthy. All, however, depends on the nature of the herb that the vaper uses. All in all, there was spot of flavour to give off good herb taste.
  • “Angry Mode” (430F/221C) is when the device displays a red glow. A higher temperature is used which provides users with a stronger hit whilst producing thicker clouds.

Battery Life:

The device comes with a 1,200 mAh battery that you can quickly charge using a micro-USB. Considering battery life is more than good, which honestly is much more than anyone can expect from this size of vaporizer, lasting for around 12 puffs or 10 “Angry” modes before recharging is needed. 


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To setup the device, separate the 3 main parts of the device which is the body, mouthpiece, and then the chamber. After that insert fresh grounded herb to the chamber by 75% for the best result. Assemble everything back and choose your temperature mode then wait until the oven heat up and ready. Lastly, fire it up and enjoy your herbs.

Vapor Quality:

Herb-E vaporizers are considered by Reddit users as one of the best in terms of flexibility and price performance value. The flavour is amazing and the oven works reliably with smooth extraction process from the herbs. The flavour from both temperature mode is noticeable. I’m using happy mode mainly in the public and still notice the flavour. While angry mode is really the best in terms of flavour. It has the strongest hit and huge amount of vapour for a device that is compact and small.


Herb e vaporizer

Cleaning the Herb-E is very easy. Included in the box are alcohol swabs, tweezers, cleaning brush and 3 pipe cleaners. For cleaning just separate the 3 main pieces and wipe everything with an alcohol swab except the chamber. Then the chamber have to be cleaned with the tweezers and cleaning brush if there’s a herb stuck inside. And lastly after the chamber is clean from the herbs, use the alcohol swab again for perfectly clean chamber.


Untitled design 1 1

Herb-E comes with built-in 1200 mAh battery which last for 10 to 12 puffs and that may not seem a lot compared to it’s competitor. However, the key point of this device is the charging speed. This device charge very quickly with an estimate 20 to 30 minutes with Iphone power cord or a power bank. This make Herb-E suitable for herb vapers that travel often.


Our Verdict:

The Herb-E Vaporizer is best suitable for anyone whom enjoys a chill relaxing vibe. It is such a compact and portable device which makes it amazing, not forgetting its performance and elegant style. The price is affordable for those with small budget and the design is gorgeous. This device is suitable for herb vapers that are looking for compact and portable device. It may fall behind with bigger device in vapor production such as Pax 3, IQ2, ArGo, and Crafty+ but the amount it produced is still acceptable. For those who want to purchase this device, I would say it is a great choice and worth it at the same time.

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