Here’s Why You Should Switch to Vaping

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Vaping has been gaining traction for the last few years because of its ability to help people quit smoking and also offer scores of other health benefits.

To help you make an informed choice, we have listed a few good reasons why switching to vaping might be a good thing for you.


One of the biggest benefit of choosing vaping over cigarettes is health. Thousands of people die of smoking every year, whereas there hasn’t been a single death reported due to vaping. However, that is not to say that vaping does not expose you to nicotine risk. However, it still remains a far safer alternative than smoking.

No risk of second-hand damage

Another benefit of switching to vaping is that it does not harm the ones around you the way smoking does. Second hand smoke has also been one of the leading cause of deaths worldwide each year. However, the vapour exhaled by smoking doesn’t contain same carcinogenic chemicals that are found in cigarettes. Therefore, there is no second-hand smoke risk to people around you.

Safer alternative

While smoking involves fire and combustion that has a risk attached to it, vaping does not involve any kind of combustion. Did you know, there have actually been fires started due ti cigarettes and smoking? You can eliminate this risk entirely by switching to vaping.

It is cheaper than cigarettes

The cost of a smoking a habitual smoker pays is incredibly high than the ones who vape. The cost of cigarettes is on the rise and will continue to rise steeply because of its health impact. However, vape is a one-time investment. You need to buy a vape pen or a starter kit from any Vape Shop in Melbourne and then fill it up with cartridges that cost way less than paying for cigarettes.

Social impact

Many countries have imposed smoking ban in public places to avoid the risk of collateral damage caused due to second-hand smoke. While the health benefits are indisputable, it did put a lot of people out of work and forced the smokers to do their deed in rain and snow. Vaping, however, does not require you to step outside for a smoke, leaving conversations in the middle. Some places allow you to use e-cigarettes inside the room that can keep you social gathering from breaking up each time you want to smoke a cigarette.

Get rid of pesky smell

One of the best things that every vaper notices after quitting smoking is the smell it used to leave behind. Regular smokers get used to the nasty smell that holds on to everything from their hands to their clothes and even their hair. But no need to worry about this pesky smell when you switch to vape.

These are some of the top reasons why many people choose to vape instead of smoking, and so should you!

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