Mighty Vaporizer Review

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The Mighty Vaporizer is like the miniature version of the Volcano vaporizer by Storz & Bickel (S&B), think of the Mighty Vaporizer like a smaller version of the Volcano vaporizer. The Mighty Vaporizer packs a longer battery life compared to other smaller dry herb vaporizers, and most importantly, the flavor and experience of the vapor quality are enhanced with the wide-open airflow on the draw. If you wish to not get the Volcano Vaporizer, I would highly recommend the Mighty Vaporizer instead.

Why you should get it?

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The Mighty vaporizer is for someone who has a deeper experience and who are looking for a more premium vaping experience or those who are willing to go further to the next level with how they want to vape their dry herbs or just to simply have the best vapor quality of all.

Vapor production

The Mighty Vaporizer has certain accessories that you could use to take a full long draw and blow big clouds without choking. The cooling unit at the top is designed to produce smooth, chilled, and palatable flavor even at the highest temperature setting which, of course, will give you the best flavor and cloud ever just like a regular vaping device that vape enthusiast would appreciate very much.

Flavor production

To achieve optimal flavor or to the type of flavoring you want, you’ll need to set the temperature to below 370° F (187°-188° C) and that will give you the Mighty’s work in full detail. The Mighty vaporizer delivers quiet strands of flavorful vapor instead of think and heavy clouds due to the loose airflow and the cooling unit, this design allows the user to take relaxing and easier draws with herbs with flavor. You could say that the Mighty vaporizer’s temperature controls can be adjusted easily to your preferred liking on any type of dry herb.


You don’t have to worry about stirring your herbs in the chamber because at 390° F (199° C), it tears through the entire oven with deep draws. The convection if the heating force that cools quickly and tastes amazing due to the heat isolation feature to the point where you could just finish an entire oven in one session altogether. 



The Mighty vaporizer comes with dual built-in 18650 batteries which can last up to 90minutes of battery life in a day, which is roughly about 8-9 full ovens in a single charge, which I find it a great feature to have if I want to have a session with my friends or partner for a chill session. The charging does take quite some time, at about 2 hours depending on how much you use it in a day, and it utilizes a standard round power plug rather than a USB, however, the charger does have the passthrough charging feature so you could use the device while charging it with no problems.


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Storz & Bickel has made loading very easy where they have this tool which helps you store your herbs in a container that clamps at the top of the vaporizer after removing the cooling unit and you just put your herbs into the chamber. simple as that.

Control functions

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The Mighty Vaporizer has a screen that is very visible for you to see and understand the settings you’re using. The controls are simple and there’s no need to download any application on your smartphone whatsoever. The screen will show your current temperature, preferred temperature, and battery life. The buttons on the side are the volume buttons which sets the temperature to your liking. By pressing both buttons simultaneously will trigger the option to read the temperature in terms of Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Heating Time

Once you turn on the vaporizer, it will only take about 1 minute to reach up to 400° F (204° C) with a full charge. However, a rule of thumb would be to make sure that the vaporizer is fully charged before you start heating up because if the battery is low, the time to heat up will take longer. 

Useful Accessories

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The Mighty Vaporizer does take other than dry herbs, you could also use dabs or waxes because S&B has a round liquid pad with fits into the oven and that will also give you the same vaping experience you need similarly to how a regular dry herb would. You could also use the round liquid pad to fill the oven if you are running low on herbs.

Design and Size

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The Mighty Vaporizer has a size of a smartphone, like the biggest smartphone you could think of and I’m not even joking about it, however, despite it being quite large, you could still fit it into your pocket but it would mean that there wouldn’t be any space left for your keys or wallet. The Mighty Vaporizer stands at 5.5 inches tall, 3.5 inches wide but it fits comfortably in your hand with the help of the ridges designed to prevent the vaporizer from slipping off your hand but if it does, don’t worry because its a tough device and it doesn’t break easily. Honestly, a vaporizer with high in quality and experience wouldn’t use cheap and fragile materials.

How does it stay cool?

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Storz & Bickel always had these ridges design to the side of their products and I thought they were just for show until I learned their true purpose. The ridges on the side act as a heat spreader to vent out the heat generated from the vaporizer to prevent any internal system failures and such. We have seen many vaporizers that could heat up around the body and Storz & Bickel understood this issue and found a solution to resolve it which many of us can really appreciate and lets us load more after the previous set is done.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I am very satisfied with the miniature version of the volcano vaporizer because not only can I still experience the same vaping experience but the convenience and functionality are so simple it felt like I was using the same vaporizer. With all the accessories that I got just to see how easy it was, it’s safe to say that I may have to retire from going through a lot of trouble trying to grind and load my herbs in but I’m not complaining.

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    I recently purchased an Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer and I’m very happy with my purchase. This vaporizer has amazing vapor production and great temperature control. It’s easy to use and clean, and the digital display makes it simple to adjust settings. The balloon system is a great way to enjoy the vapor without having to draw from a tube. All in all, I’m very pleased with my purchase!

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