The First Kit For You

A lot of people often ask us about what kind of device they should start off with. The answer to that question is very simple. We highly recommend beginners to visit our stores or chat with us (if they are not in Victoria) to discuss in more detail about how to go about this process. We often starting with the devices first then moving on the eliquids because the eliquids is the easiest part of the process.

The following links are the devices and eliquids in which you can try out first gathered from staff picks to customer picks:

  1. Vape Starter Kits
  2. Eliquids

1. Big device or small device

Bigger devices such as box mods with a s Sub-Ohm tank are usually the best way to start off with. They are super easy to use and the adjustments are easy to understand and it doesn’t take a lot of time to get used to when you’re playing around with it. On the other hand, smaller devices such as a Pod System or Pod Mod System are also easy to use but its exterior design is what really matters as people would like to carry something small and more portable rather than carrying a chunky device with them at all times. Either way you just have to figure out with device you would like to go for based on your needs, at the end of the day, it’s all about personal preference. Personally, I like to use Pod Systems like the Caliburn or Aspire Prime kit because it’s not very bulky and the performance is suitable for me.

2. Understanding the coils

Basically, coils are designed for a respective model (there are exceptions) and it’s nearly impossible to pick one random coil and fit into a random tank/pod cartridge. Most beginners don’t know this but a coils only job is to make sure that it is drying up and simultaneously absorbing to the eliquid so it doesnt cause any leaking or burning the cotton insdie at the same time. Most importantly, it’s to make sure that your coils are able to last between 2-4 weeks depending on your wattage setting, eliquid flavouring and coil resistance.

Additioanlly, regarding coil resistance, just think of it this way so you dont get confused. Resistance literally just means the heat-up time of the coils, so for instance, you’ll find 0.2Ohm, 0.5Ohm, and even 1.2Ohm. These values are represent the resistance, the higher the value of the resistance, just means that the coil’s heat up time is slower. I’d recommend 0.5Ohm – 1.0Ohm for Sub-Ohm Tanks whilst 1.0Ohm – 1.2Ohm for pod systems based on my personal experience and in a way it’s balanced.

3. Eliquids

This is the easy part, we just need to figure out which eliquid to begin with is suitable for you to start your journey. Most people who have smoked for a long time typically go for tobacco eliquids because it’s easier to wean off smoking habits much easier but the probem is that you’ll notice that your taste buds will start to recover and become sensitive so it’s best to switch to another eliquid, possibly a fruity type. We have flavours ranging from fruity to desserts to pastry and tobacco for everyone to vape on.

4. Play around with it

Once you’ve identified the devices and the flavours you’re interested, fill it up and start vaping. The last part is to do a trial and error phase with it. Is the device the right fit for you, is the eliquid too strong for you, etc. These are the questions which will help you narrow down the type of vaper you’ll become and making future purchases even easier.

If you have any more questions before getting your first kit, feel free to call us or visit us in-store to gather clarity. We are willing to educate you further for your safety and enjoyment of vaping.