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The Uwell Caliburn KOKO is one of the most convenient devices to carry around in your daily part of life, you don’t have to worry about adjustments and what not when you’re on the job or when you’re traveling from point A to point B. The KOKO is also similar to the Caliburn in terms of functionality and battery life.

The Design

Unlike the Uwell Caliburn’s pen style pod kit, the KOKO has a square design to it, using the same material as the first pod system as well as having the same cartridge slot meaning you could literally use the same cartridge from your Caliburn on the KOKO, talk about an easy switch. Moreover, the KOKO actually packs the same internal design, like carrying the same battery capacity, size and producing the same output as the Caliburn (11W). All in all, the Caliburn KOKO now stands at a 67mm tall, 43mm wide and 12mm thick. Now that is super tiny.

Quality wise, the KOKO is actually quite sturdy like its predecessor, and nothing seems to stick out as usual, plus the edges on the KOKO also carries the same design to give off that nice touch as you carry it in your hand. The back of the KOKO does carry the logo of “KOKO” and it has a glossy finish to it so do expect to see a fair amount of finger prints but Im not too fuss about it.

A bonus feature about little junior here is that unlike its predecessor, the KOKO actually has its own chain lanyard. I know for a fact that some people actually lost their own Caliburn or pen style vape devices which happens quite often, so courtesy of Uwell, those days are over. Despite it being a chain rather than a rubber or cotton material, it actually doesn’t feel as heavy as you’d think, plus the KOKO is fairly light so theres not much weight added there.


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The second difference between the Caliburn and the KOKO would be the quality of its own pod cartridges. The Caliburn carries a resistance of 1.4Ohm with a looser draw whereas the KOKO cartridge carries a resistance of 1.2Ohm with a tighter draw. Personally, I prefer the KOKO cartridge as it gives off tighter draw which resembles more of a cigarette so its psychologically pleasing. The Caliburn cartridge is actually good however, when you claim something to be MTL, you have to make sure it feels like one. You could still do a decent MTL style using the Caliburn cartridge however, I’m going to stick with the KOKO cartridge.

Flavouring wise, there’s really not much of a difference between the two pods, although I did notice that the KOKO cartridge does wear out faster compared to the Caliburn cartridge by a day or two, depending on the type of flavour and VG/PG ratio. Although, if you are a big fan of tobacco flavours, I would highly recommend using the KOKO cartridge as it would enhance the flavouring with a 50/50 or 60/40 VG/PG ratio. Overall, fruity flavours are great on both cartridges, it’s just that the draw is what you’ll need to figure out. Additionally, the pods are completely identical so you can actually either pods on either devices, I personally like to use the Caliburn as its easier to hold it in between my fingers like a cigarette.

Battery and Charging

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Since the Caliburn and KOKO are alike in the battery build and functionality, do expect the same amount of time to charge it up around 30-45 mins to full charge but it really doesn’t feel like it takes that long time. You could literally do something and all of a sudden your device is fully charged. I work in a vape store so I’m taking a puff every 5 mins and still, I only charge it when Im back home, it literally lasts that long due to the low wattage it uses. The light indicators on at the bottom of the device shows the same 3 colours: Green > Blue > Red, but an extra feature with the KOKO is that the device will start to blink red when it detects the pod cartridge to be empty and it is non-adjustable.


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Despite the pods being different between the Caliburn and KOKO, the KOKO does produce better flavouring considering the MTL is tighter and that the resistance is slightly lower compared to the Caliburn pod cartridge. However, since the draw is tighter, I did notice that it sweats a lot, but not nearly as leaking, at the bottom of the cartridge but even if it does, just grab a cotton tip and bob’s your uncle, easy as. The KOKO cartridge does take time to fully bring out the flavouring compared to the Caliburn cartridge as the KOKO cartridge needs time to adjust to the liquid consistently. I usually go with a 50mg of salt nicotine and the feeling in the throat is super pleasing with the KOKO cartridge as it gives me a better gradual throat hit rather than something too strong and overwhelming such as using 12mg of freebase nicotine.

Final thoughts

Overall, I’m very satisfied with the KOKO because the convenience is as clear as day, no buttons and adjustments, pretty much no problems at all. Although, as I’ve mentioned before, I still like using the Caliburn but with the KOKO cartridge because of the style and flavouring. The Caliburn and the KOKO are both suitable devices for those who are transitioning for the first time from smoking, and it’s not a problem if you want to use it with salt nicotine too, though I would suggest between 35mg and 50mg for the KOKO cartridge to bring out a more satisfying throat hit.

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