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In my honest and humble opinion, the UWELL Caliburn is one the best, if not the best, pod systems ever in the market. Ever since pod systems were introduced into the vaping world, many were sceptical because of how small each device was, well that’s because its made to replicate a cigarette and it doesn’t produce so much cloud but it mainly enhances the flavouring. If you ever want to try vaping out at the beginner level, I would highly suggest the UWELL Caliburn Pod System for about $40-50 in Australia, otherwise, you’ll spend over $100 on something which you’ll eventually stop using just because it looks nicer or cooler. Don’t be that person.

The Design


The Caliburn looks very simple in design, yet it gives you that nice feeling when you hold it in your hand, honestly, I had no complaints with how it feels, and I know for a fact that some people actually hate the pen style not because it’s small or big but because it is in a cylindrical shape and some of them are big and chunky which feels off in the pockets. The Caliburn does not have a lot of protection around its body but it does hold on together if you do drop it. On the other hand, even though it’s not that durable, with the matte texture look on the device, you’ll hardly see any scratches on your device. The removable and refillable cartridge of the Caliburn holds up to 2ml which lasts approximately 7-8 days before replacing them but in my experience, using a fruity or sugary flavour will wear out the cartridges faster compared to a creamy or tobacco flavour. In a day, I could honestly say, I only have to refill my cartridges about 2-3 times a day and I work in a vape store so I’m taking a puff every 5 minutes, so with that logic, if you only vape during breaks or after hours, you’ll be looking at about 1 refill each day.

Battery life & Performance

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The battery life and performance on the Caliburn is really impressive, as it uses a small battery capacity as well as using low power, as the cartridge does not use a big coil, basically, the device isn’t built to give off high power whenever you’re vaping. Despite having a good battery life, I noticed that it affects performance as well. So the Caliburn has 3 LED lighting which indicates the battery level as well as indicating at which level of power the device will be producing. So by that logic, if you’re device is showing blue when you’re vaping, it means that the device will only produce about 50% of its power and henceforth, rather than firing at the usual power like most devices. So technically, the Caliburn is a regulated device that doesn’t have a bypass mode as it relies heavily on battery life.



So the Caliburn has a second version called the Caliburn Koko, and the cartridges between the Caliburn and Koko is universal. Depending on which cartridge you pick out, the flavouring changes slightly but really its how it feels on the draw. Both are great cartridges but the Koko cartridge still beats the Caliburn cartridge as it has that psychological effect when I take a draw from the Koko cartridge. On a side note, the Caliburn runs at a 1.4 Ohm whilst the Koko cartridge runs at 1.2 Ohm, so if you want to try the Koko cartridge out, depending on the kind of flavour you’re using, just be sure to remember that it may or may not last as long as the Caliburn cartridge but my rule of thumb would be to use it for 7 days until it really taste burnt.

Who’s the Caliburn for?

Typically, people who are looking for something discreet and flavour-enhanced would go for pod systems like this one here. You could go with other pod systems but really if its simplicity and balance you’re looking for, the UWELL Caliburn is the one for you, no temperature control and limited choice of cartridges will do you good. The Caliburn will most definitely focus heavily on the flavouring so don’t get your hopes up on the cloud production. The size itself is so manageable that you only need to carry 2 small things, the pod system and a bottle of your favourite e-liquid. I know for a fact that some people hate the idea of having to carry around their box mods and 100ml bottle of e-liquid around when they’re on the move but with the Caliburn, thats no problem at all, I can assure you.

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