Why We Sell?

The answer is pretty simple. Our main objective is to literally just put a lot of effort to help our fellow vapers, old and new, to choose the right device and flavour to help them in their journey of going smoke or cigarette free. Our retail team has received a huge amount of positive feedback from customers who started off as beginners and are all loving it. It could be someone who wishes to completely stop smoking habits, trying out new devices or flavours, and some stop both smoking and vaping altogether as well which we fully support.

1. We ask questions

Different people, different taste” this term applies so much in in what we sell at Vape Culture because there are so many distinct preferences in taste in people. For instance, one would like it fruity or creamy or tobacco. At the end of the day, after we showcase their options we always ask them what they would like to go with. Eliquids are the easy part as we can testify the flavours because we’ve tried most of the eliquids that arrive at our store. The tricky part is device. Device itself can sometimes be a challenge, we ask important questions like size, weight, how and where they would like to use it, portability, maintenance. Although it is a challenge, we aim to find that common ground for devices because there is always pros and cons. Questions like these are what help us help them, resulting in a positive feedback as our retail team usually tries to retain.

2. We provide answers

Even when things don’t turn our as expected, we try to facilitate the problems by giving answers as to why the issue is happening. It’s a common occurance for beginners to come back asking questions about why their tank is leaking or it could be why their device isn’t turning on or it could be a battery issue and such. These things are normal occurances and the next step is to provide some further education. Most fellow vapers always panic and worry that they bought something that is low in quality or it could be a defect however we can assure you that it’s just something that is an unusual feature to adapt to. Therefore, it is our job to provide the education suited for the device you are using. So dont worry, when and/or if an issue occurs, do not hesitate to come back to the store or reach us online so we can help you out as best as we can.

3. We are honest

We give our honest opinions about the products we sell as we don’t want to create conflict between what we are saying and what you are experiencing. Sometimes we will give honest feedback and it’s something we all need to understand. It’s almost suspicious that one product has good review and not one single bad review has been showed from a customer. Of course, reviews are biased but still, we speak from experience. For example, you could pick a device up and think to yourself that it looks good and you’re certain that it’s gonna be a good in quality but not really. Hence why our honest opinions matter.

4. We are flexible with pricing

If you feel that our products are overpriced without reason, don’t worry, we can still work it out. We give customers an opportunity to do a price match provided that the new price you found is based in Australia and that it has a retail store as well. Even though the website you found has an Australian domain but you also need to know that you are bound to pay for shipping as well which totals up to the same amount you are paying for in our store. Alternatively, we can still give you a 1 time 10% discount in exchange for a google review for our stores.

5. We want to help you

In full honesty, our job is to give you, not only a great experience of vaping, but to also educate and help you stop smoking via vaping. We understand from your perspective regarding our products because it’s what we do best at Vape Culture. The reason why we are called “Vape Culture” is because we want to promote healthy vaping as well. We will not promote aggressive or abusive use of vaping because that is not the reason why we are doing this. We want to ensure that you are recovering from your smoking habits and to maintain a healthy/subtle vaping experience based on your personal preference.

We would also like to thank our customers for supporting ever since we opened back in 2019, and we appreciate the loyalty and love from our fellow vapers which brings us happiness knowing that everyone is enjoying our products and living without regrets.

If you would like to know more in detail and hear our testimonies, feel free to contact us through Vape Culture or drop by to our stores in Moonee Ponds or West Footscray. Until then, Happy Vaping!