Storz and Bickel Warranty Guide

Unlike your typical warranty claim for most of the devices we sell at Vape Culture, the warranty claim works differently for Storz and Bickel vaporizers apart from the accessories. We would understand from a consumer perspective of how problematic ones situation can be.

Here’s what we know 

Storz and Bickel offers a 2 – 3 year warranty depending on which dry herb vaporizer you use:

  • 2 year warranty: Mighty & Crafty
  • 3 year warranty: Volcano Classic/Hybrid, Mighty+, Crafty+ and Plenty
  • Refer to Storz and Bickel to ensure that your device is listed here:

Despite having our own return policy at Vape Culture, we are advised to let Storz and Bickel to handle these issues with the owners of the dry herb vaporizers directly, hence, why you are recommended to register your device with them directly to receive swift resolution for any issues at hand.

How to receive your warranty? 

Register your device (Highly recommended) 

This can be done on Storz and Bickel’s website as you will need to create an account and register your device with the serial number of the device. Please note that the warranty will only cover the defects of your dry herb vaporizer that occur within the warranty period after registering, unless the they are a result of improper use or foreseeable wear and tear.


If you do decide to have it returned for service and/or repairs, you will need to send your dry herb vaporizer to Storz and Bickel in Germany once the request has been approved. Subsequently, you will be provided a free shipping label to ship out your device. On the other hand, under a different circumstance that your dry herb vaporizer has exceeded the warranty period or the warranty has been breached, you as the owner will have to pay for any repairs required.

Follow the steps on the Storz & Bickel Repair then click initiate an RMA (return merchandise authorisation) to make a warranty claim. You will be asked to upload your receipt or a picture of the device’s serial number so have these handy.

Important Note: 

Please keep a copy of your receipt to provide the date that it was purchased from Vape Culture which can be found in your email upon purchasing your dry herb vaporizers by Storz and Bickel. Otherwise, Storz and Bickel will calculate the duration of your warranty from the time it was purchased by us, the sellers, using the serial number found on your device. This will result in decreasing your warranty period based on the time it has been sitting in our warehouse.

For more information, please visit Storz and Bickel warranty conditions for more information.