Best Dry Herb Vaporizer Australia 2023

Best dry herb vaporizers 2023

Guide to Best Dry herb Vapes Australia in 2023

Enjoy a smooth and robust vaping experience with the high-quality cannabis vaporizers in Australia brought to you by Vape Culture. We offer an extensive range of cannabis vaporizers in and around Australia; the australian vaporizers are manufactured by well-known companies throughout the world. Wether you are new to the world of dry herb vaporizers or planning on upgrading to the latest device, trying to find the best vaporiser can be overwhelming with so many options available. A number of excellent dry herb Australian Vapourisers have been released over the last year. With so many options its can some be difficult to know which is the Best dry herb Vaporizer in Australia. So here’s just a few of our favourites that we think that make the cut to our list of Best Dry herb Vaporiser Australia in 2023 that are worth the mention.When it comes to buying a marijuana vape or vaporizer, you can count on us to find your next vaporizer. With a wide selection of superb and expertly-designed Cannabis Vapes Australia, weed vapes Australia and vaping accessories, you can choose from an expertly curated selection of vaping products that are innovative, portable and made from cutting-edge technology.

Best Weed Vapes Australia for Heavy Hitters: Mighty Plus by Storz & Bickel 

Best all-round dry herb vaporizer australia: mighty plus by storz & bickel 

Mighty Plus Vaporizer Overview 

Since the release of the highly rated Mighty Vape (2014) – Storz & Bickel’s latest updates to the new Mighty Plus vaporizer make for an even better experience for use of dry herbs and concentrates. This battery-powered handheld hybrid vaporiser is efficient and powerful from the very first draw, offering users a consistent vapour quality capable of dense vapour and consistent delivery of flavour. The Mighty Plus is easy to use, with a clear LED screen display for temperature controls requiring little-to-no effort.. short of filling the chamber with your herb and waiting for the device to heat up! Simple controls with just 3 buttons with one to power the Mighty+ and up and down button for precise temperature control. Quick heatup time on under 1 minute and with the optional  Mighty Plus USB C  Supercharger it charges in no time. So what’s not to like about the new Mighty Plus.

Mighty+ Feature Highlights

  •  Ceramic coating on the filling chamber, making it sturdier and more durable.
  • USB-C charging with a supercharge function – reaching 80% charge in only 40min
  • Faster heat up time ( Under 60 seconds)
  • Great battery life (6 – 8 bowls average)

Our Thoughts 

The original Mighty has been one of my go-to vaporisers for years, so I was hesitant to invest in the updated model. In my opinion I was pleased with the design on new Mighty Plus and simple controls , quicker heating time and the combination of Convection and conduction technology no doubt makes it one of the first on our list of Best Dry herb Vaporizer Australia


To learn more about Mighty Plus be sure to checkout our Mighty+ Vaporizer Review .

Tip for Vaping with Mighty Plus:

To make it easy to fill the herb and make it more convenient , we recommend using Mighty / Mighty Plus Dosing Capsules by Storz & Bickel compatible with Crafty+ as well

Check out entire range of Storz & Bickel online or to learn more about its predecessor read our Mighty Vape review 

Best Dry Herb Vaporizer For Portability: Crafty+ by Storz & Bickel

Best dry herb vaporizer australia for portability crafty+ by storz & bickel

Crafty+ Vaporizer Overview 

Crafty+ is a portable vaporiser that delivers all the features of the Mighty in a pocket-friendly size. Despite its size, the Crafty+ offers thick and satisfying clouds with a beginner friendly design, making it easy to pass around to your newbie friends without any fussing around. This device is a worthy investment, and an excellent upgrade to the original Crafty Vape (2014)

Just like Mighty+ , Crafty+ also use a combination of conduction and convection technology to give a vape without compromise and offer the small form factor of a more portable vaporizer and worthy of a mention on our list of Best Dry Herb Vaping Australia in 2023

Crafty + Feature Highlights

  • Higher capacity battery (5 – 6 bowls average)
  • USB-C fast charging
  • 3 temperature settings
  • 75 second heat-up time


To learn more about Mighty Plus be sure to checkout our Crafty + Vaporizer Review .

Tip for Vaping with Crafty+:

To make it easy to fill the herb and make it more convenient , we recommend using Crafty+ Plus Dosing Capsules by Storz & Bickel also compatible with Mighty and Mighty+

Check out entire range of Portable Vaporizers

Convection Vaporizers

  • Evenly heats botanicals, so there’s no chance of accidental combustion occurring
  • Uniform heating also means that conduction vaporisers are more efficient, and make full use of your chosen botanicals.
  • You never need to shake, stir or re-distribute your botanicals
  • Consistent results are easier to achieve


Best Dry Herb Vaporizer For Beginners: XMAX V3 Pro

Best dry herb vaporizer australia for beginners: xmax v3 pro

Xmax V3 Pro Vaporiszer Overview

XMAX has created the perfect pen vaporizer for an on-the-go lifestyle with their V3 Pro Vaporizer. With two different methods of inhalation and versatility at its disposal, this powerful yet cute little vape will satisfy all users’ needs; no matter what mood or situation they might find themselves in. With USB-C fast charging and a long lasting battery, you won’t have to worry about your vape dying before you’re ready to charge it again

Xmax V3 Pro Feature Highlights

  • Pocket Friendly Design
  • Innovative Magnetic Mouthpiece
  • Dual Compatibility: Can be used for both dry herbs and wax concentrates
  • Conduction Heating
  • Quick heating time of 30 Seconds
  • USB C Fast Charging
  • Replaceable 18650 Battery


Tips for Vaping with Xmax V3 Pro:

Being small in size but with the option of a replaceable battery . We recommend using Xmax with a spare battery and a Vape Battery Charger to quickly and convenient swap the battery so you never run out of power when you need it.

For a more Satisfying Vape and inhaling we recommend you pair up your Xmax V3 Pro Vaporizer with Xmax V3 Pro Glass Bubbler or for a better mouth feel swap the regular mouth piece included in the box with a Xmax V3 Pro Glass Mouthpiece for a better mouthfeel and cooler inhalation of vapor

Check out entire range of Xmax Vape and not making the list but worth of mention is also another popular vape by Xmax Starry Vaporizer V3

With that being set if you are a beginner, we highly recommend you get Xmax V3 Pro Vaporizer for making it on the list of our  Best Vap Dry Herbs Vaporizer Australia in 2023

Xmax V3 Pro Feature Highlights 

  • Pocket Friendly Design
  • Innovative Magnetic Mouthpiece
  • Dual Compatibility: Can be used for both dry herbs and wax concentrates
  • Conduction Heating
  • Quick heating time of 30 Seconds
  • USB C Fast Charging
  • Replaceable 18650 Battery




Best Dry Herbs Desktop Vaporizer: Volcano Hybrid by Storz & Bickel

Best dry herbs desktop vaporizer volcano hybrid by storz & bickel

Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer Overview 

Storz & Bickel updated their flagship best Vaporizers, and it doesn’t take long for the new features to catch your eye. Looking like a simple update from the original – with no noticeable exterior changes – these sneaky additions are what makes this Vaporizer worth upgrading for. For those who don’t mind paying top dollar for an already pricey piece of equipment, the Volcano Hybrid integrates both newer and older tech seamlessly; combining all-time great performance with some never before seen advancements.

The Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer’s design is one of the easiest to maintain. With nothing more than brushing off the screens after each bowl, you can expect to use it daily for months without a deep cleaning. Disposable bags make cleaning an afterthought. If you want to do more for the environment, the Hybrid includes one balloon with adapter, so you can change out bags without throwing away a perfectly good mouthpiece.


Volcano Vaporizer Feature Highlights 

  • Hybrid Functionality: Can be used with Tube Set of Balloon Adapter
  • Combination of Conduction & Convection Vaporization
  • Dry Herb, Wax or concentrates
  • Quick heating time : 90 Seconds
  • New Updated Heater
  • Feature rich smartphone App for Android
  • Touch Controls
  • Stainless Steele Design
  • Easy to maintain
  • New Onyx / Black Edition

Tips for Using Volcano Hybrid 

We recommend using a Volcano hybrid Tube set. Its sold separately and give you the alternative to the bags as a delivery option of vaping on Volcano Hybrid. The tube set swivels and is easy to pass around to provide a good air flow and comfortable hit.  For even easier hit try turning on the fan for assisted hit.

You can also  check out the Legendary Volcano Classic Vaporizer  and learn more about it by reading our  Volcano Classic Vaporizer Review

Volcano Hybrid truly is the finest Vaporizer on the market today. With fewer options being around for Desktop Vaporizers and with its unparalleled performance and German engineering by Storz & Bickel it sure will give you the most satisfying hit.   Definitely the Best Desktop Vaporizer Australia in 2023 .

We are curious to see how many of you will go for it and please give us a thumbs up or leave us a review.



Best Discrete Dry Herb Vaporizer : Pax3

Best discrete dry herb vaporizer : pax3

Pax3 Vaporizer Overview

Despite being around for some time now, the PAX3 remains one of the best-selling portable and arguably the most discrete Vaporizers on the market today. With an updated design and a new concentrate feature that caters to a wide range of consumers, this device has something for everyone. The PAX 3 heats up so fast you might miss it! But don’t worry – because this device will notify you when it’s done heating up via vibration.

If customization is your thing, then feel free to mess around with settings using either the phone app or its smart oven modes which offer plenty of options. This device is both intuitive and efficient, it also offers great vapor quality due to its clean design and large herb chamber (which can also be upgraded). The portability offered by Pax3 cannot be beat too; making this product perfect for daily use and travel.

PAX3 Vaporizer Australia is available starting at just $254 , there’s no denying that this device packs a serious punch considering its mid-range price point and if you want the extra goodies like the half pack oven lid, maintainence Kit and Pax3 cleaning tool consider getting the Pax3 complete kit.

Pax3 is unique and been a long standing vaporizer of choice when it comes to being discrete. So for that reason it is definitely worthy of a mention on our Best Vaporizer Australia in 2023

Pax3 Vaporizer Feature Highlights 

  • Conduction heating & Convection Vaporization
  • Dry Herb, Wax or concentrates
  • Discrete Vaporizer
  • Smartphone Pax App
  • Vibration/ Haptic Feedback
  • Easy to use


We have been long term user and advocates of Pax3 and its sleek design and stellar performance. Learn more here with in-depth Pax3 Review 

Tips for Using Pax3 

If you have the basic kit and only looking for a smaller session then we recommend picking up the Pax Half Pack Oven Lid. It is also compatible with Pax2 Vaporizer

Magic Flight Launch Box Overview

The Magic Flight Launch Box (aka the MFLB) is a super portable vaporizer that was released in 2010 by Magic Flight Inc. It was made to be a light-weight vape that requires no lighter, no butane and runs on simple AA batteries. Since it’s release, it has collected a cult-like following from its supporters.


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