Beginner Tips to Use Your Vape Effectively

Beginner tips to use your vape effectively

For many first-timers, vaping may seem like an overwhelming thing. However, with few helpful tips, you will be able to vape your way out of smoking habit in no time. From choosing the best vaping liquid to finding the right store, you have come to right place for vape-related information.

Here are some quick tips that will help you get started and give you the best experience of vaping.

Buy premium e-liquids

Don’t waste your money in buying substandard e-liquid online. Instead, find a reputed Vaporizer Store in Melbourne from where you can buy high-end liquids safely. Premium vapour juices are not only more enjoyable to vape but are also made from medical-grade nicotine and trusted ingredients. So do your research before buying something.

Choose the right flavours

The most exciting part of vaping is a wealth of tastes that make it an amazing experience. This is the reason you must choose your flavours carefully because the quality of your experience depends on it. There are many stores out there that offer you sample packs so that you can test them out before purchasing.

Go for higher VG rate

E-liquids with high amounts of VG, also known as Vegetable Glycerin, produces thicker and smoother smoking experience. Low VG vapes hit your throat harder and are lower quality. So if you want your smoking experience to be smooth, the it is better to buy one with higher VG.


Buying an e-liquid is so much more than just vaping. As a beginner, you need to know that it is incredibly important to shake your vaporiser before each use. This is an important step because it mixes up PG/VG and nicotine to ensure that you get the best experience with each puff. Additionally, make sure you store your e-liquids away from direct sunlight. Exposing them to sun can reduce the nicotine levels.

Store it in cool, dark place

Want to preserve the flavour of your e-liquid and enjoy its taste more, then try it in a dark room for the first two weeks. Just like fine wine, its taste gets better with time when you allow its essence to blend together for a few weeks.

Clean your e-tank on a regular basis

Don’t forget to empty and clean out your e-tank regularly. It is a simple process and must be done at least once every week. All you need to do is dismantle your vape tank and drain the remaining liquid. Rinse it thoroughly under hot running water and allow it to air dry. Not following these maintenance steps will ruin the tank with nasty build-up of leftover flavours.

Vaping is really not as complex as it seems. While the jury is still out about it being better alternative to smoking, it certainly makes the experience more enjoyable. Just follow these beginner tips to get inducted into the world of vaping safely.

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