Mighty Plus Vaporizer Review

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Mighty Plus Vaporizer Review

Ever since Storz and Bickel released the new version of the Mighty Vaporizer, it has been one of our most loved dry herb vaporizers in 2022. Here’s what we truly think about the new upgrades, improvements and features of the Mighty Plus Vaporizer. It is effectively the most expected vaporizer arrival ever! Considering how stunningly well-known the first Mighty vaporizer was, the refreshed adaptation expected to bring it, and that is exactly what Storz and Bickel did. It turns out the Mighty executioner we’ve needed for quite a long time was to eventually come from Storz and Bickel itself.

The Mighty+ is the new gold standard for portable vaporizers. The Mighty+ is always excellent.

  • Strong, tasty, comfortable vapour
  • Universal USB-C charge port
  • Great battery life
  • One-minute heat-up time
  • UL certified quality
  • Fantastic sessions every single time

Mighty plus vaporizer

What to expect?

It is to be expected that the Mighty Plus would be a strong device to have whilst vaping your dry herbs with efficiency and power. The airflow is as easy as always and comfortable to have in your hand. Regardless of its high or low temperature, it works really well with herbal flavours or reaching for stronger effects

The Mighty Plus hits that sweet spot every time due to its patented hybrid heating design. Basically, your herbs are going to be evenly cooked and prevent them from burning up till it scorches and retains that extract for you to vape.

So it a conducting and convects simultaneously to create that nice hot air stream once it starts to vaporize. A truly innovative design if I say so myself.

Thanks to its hybrid functions, this dry herb actually works well with both dry herbs and dry concentrates, in order to perform this would require a stainless steel mesh pad. Unlike like the traditional “let it rip”, you actually go through a smooth and gentle hit melting into the pad.

Super Easy to use

Now there are some vaporizers out in the market that is quite sophisticated to learn using such as how you need to grind your herbs or use different mouthpieces for a better draw. However, the Mighty Vaporizer does not require such techniques or secrets to use the Mighty Plus vaporizer.

The design and functions of the Mighty Plus are very intuitive that even a beginner can figure it out instantly. For example, it wasn’t that difficult for me to open the mouthpiece or the cooling unit because it was designed with such flexibility. I appreciate that the filling chamber goes in from the top because it just makes things so much easier for loading. Once you’ve done all that, the last thing is to wait for it to buzz indicating that it’s ready to vape! Simple as that.

The display screen is easy to read as it shows your temperature meter and battery life. it doesn’t need any more fancy features as it already does the job for you all in one. (P.s. it does have an application that you could install on your phone to tweak the settings too. Nifty)

Mighty chamber loaded with dry herb


Temperature control

As always like most dry herb vaporizers, the quality of your vaping experience highly relies upon the temperature setting. If you seek to optimize the herbal flavouring of your herbs, you’d want to set it low and have a slow session to enjoy. Similarly, you would get a stronger performance if you set it at the highest temperature.

Mighty plus vaporizer


The Mighty Plus cherishes consistency over the features it provides for the overall experience. Most of the time, we tend to hear feedback from people complaining about the lack of vapour production in dry herb vaporizers. However, the Mighty Plus outlives this expectation as it gives a massive amount of cloud that people want to see.

Heat up time

The Mighty Plus only needs to take up 1 minute to heat up as claimed. However, do keep in mind that you may sometimes experience a longer waiting time probably up to nearly 80 seconds. It is still one of the best improvements we’ve seen from its predecessor with a whopping 30% faster heat-up time.


It’s fair to say that it would be ridiculous if it comes with an old-school Micro-USB but thank goodness it’s the all-new fast-charging USB Type C which we all know is more reliable. However, this really boils down to what kind of plug depends on the current it transmits. now the only thing that it sucks is that you would still have to charge it for about 3 hours.

Mighty+ plus review | storz & bickel's mighty vaporizer legacy

Battery Performance

Now the device still has a built-in dual lithium-ion battery but it already has a substantial battery life allowing users to run for 60-90 minutes of runtime per charge. Obviously, it really depends on the temperature setting that you’re using to optimize your preferred performance.


Obviously, the filling chamber would have that good ol’ ceramic coating as it’s found to be the best in terms of durability and robustness. This is Storz and Bickel’s usual go-to material in their products similarly found in their desktop dry herb vaporizers like the Volcano Classic & Volcano Hybrid. It is also UL Certified with an integrated medical build that passed the tests done for the very first time in history for Storz and Bickel. In essence, the materials and build quality have produced high levels of purity in their performance.

Final Thoughts

This Mighty Plus Vaporizer Review concluded that the device brings out a better consistency compared to its predecessor at just $484.99 (with a $10 coupon). However, I’m not saying that it had many issues with the original. Sure, there were some but not too much to complain about. In fact, most of the changes are actually done upon the charging and temperature, and it does indeed stand better this time. We can expect to see more people beginning to feel more comfortable rocking this vaporizer out in public anytime soon.

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    Hello Keneth,

    The Mighty Plus Vaporizer is approved by TGA and recommended by GPs. I can guarantee that the device is friendly to use for a first-timer.


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